About Us

Express Wed

The story starts when the founder of Express Wed, Andrea, got married. When she got engaged she was full of excitement, and ready to plan her perfect wedding; 3 weddings actually since she wanted to have a ceremony in the US where she lives, one in her home country and one in her husband’s country. Soon she realized planning a wedding was not an easy task, not easy at all. Trying to juggle between work, MBA and planning a wedding she started looking for apps or a website that could simplify the process and did not find an easy way out.

After 8 long months, full of stress and long hours and long days of planning with the help of her family and friends she finally got to say I do (3 times) and happily went on the honey moon (finally, the wedding and the wedding planning was over!) The planning journey though was such a stressful planning that wore her out and she got sick during her honey moon.

Then she realized, she is not alone on this stressful process. Planning a wedding should be a joyful experience and time to share with your future spouse to be; it shouldn’t be days and days of calling vendors and checking prices to stay in budget or going to multiple locations just to know if they are available on a specific date and what their price is… just to find out it is out of budget.

She started to look into options on how to make, what Express Wed is today, a reality and help future couples to enjoy the engagement time. A few years later after long research, dedication and partnering with the best, Express Wed is available for other couples to enjoy.

Express Wed is revolutionizing the Wedding Industry; changing how couples plan and book their wedding… What one day was a hustle, today is Express Wed and the rest will be soon history.